Wednesday, November 4, 2009

lazy blogger

wow. I love shooting pictures.. but I guess my style isnt focused enough.. this is the constant crit I get.. so I will have to choose, do I show:

digital sharpness

or graflex film images (which I love taking and making)

yesterday I went out shooting in the city.. I ended up shooting some folks and a sweet panorama as well as a nice portrait on the roof of the met museum after seeing the robert frank show.. it was somewhat inspiring. some of the images I really loved. as usual, I disliked all the art babble the curators had put with the images.. about his "juxtapositions" and "style of pointing the viewer from one image to the next with subtle cues" cmon really? somtimes the art world just drives me up the wall. however the exhibit was great... really great. there was one image of bankers on a small street on bishopsgate which was especially amazing.. I enjoyed this image more than anything in the americans series. i took some shots of his work.. as a reference for inspiration and composition.

couple of fun street images from just walking around the elves were out of control yesterday:

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