Sunday, March 1, 2009

I always love and image like this. 3 opened and loaded boxes of tri-x. Im shooting 15 portraits on my deardorff 8x10 tuesday and wednesday of this week for alta ski resorts 70th anniversary season. The folks at alta have been very awesome to me and were so kind as to commission me to do some work for them.. I am excited about it. Excited that people still love film photography. the allure and the beauty of connecting with a subject and the finished product.

today I had 10 models over for TFCD work for my book.. I shot some on digital and some with my RB series D graflex camera. I think i am in love with it.. (since i have no girlfriend I might as well name my camera bertha and love it!!) i shot 20 sheets of tech pan and VPS and I am really excited to see the results. I have a very specific retouching idea in mind for these images and I am really excited to see the results. all in all it was a fun day and I met some cool local salt lake people!

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