Friday, February 27, 2009

im just back from nyc after a week of meetings with photo editors and art directors..

what an exhausting time. I think I saw 4 editors, got through to kathy ryan at the nyt, 5 art directors and one awesome representative.

I spent roughly 3 days shooting and I ended up with around 30 different portraits for my book. I shot 28 sheets of 4x5 and took several hundred digital images. armed with new work and some great direction and feedback from the meetings, my portfolio is about to undergo another overhaul!!!

I also did some shooting at a friends metal shop in brooklyn.. I wanted to put this up for folks to have a look at. its a film image taken as 3 4x5's. I ended up with something closer to a 4x10 panorama.. I love it.

I have been on an ebay buying spree as of late:

my acquisitions:

Graflex Series D reflex in 8/10 condition. working shutter, nice clean lens
wollensak 15 inch tele lens for the series D or speed graphic
2 grafmatic backs
some polaroid 559 and 55

what a lucky photographer I am.. !

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