Tuesday, February 3, 2009

valley o the goblins.

Ok, I am still nursing a bruised rib. it hurts. when i laugh, sneeze, get up, sit down and cough. it sucks.

regardless, I went to southern utah and goblin valley today. I went bananas. I shot around 10GB of digital images, plus around 30 sheets of 4x5 and 4 rolls of 120 via my lovely rolleiflex 2.8D. I'm going to go back through soon on a trip to the san juans and taos, NM.

I also shot around 8 polaroids. In disgust. I have one semi image and 7 ruined shots of type 59. something is either whacked with my processor/holder or the film. I am going to divulge myself of what I have sitting around via ebay tomorrow, Im tired of shooting it and ruining it, its better off with someone who knows what they are doing with the stuff... Sorry Ed land, the stuff is beautiful, but I am not the guy to be shooting it!

on another note, I got an email from a very beautiful young girl I met at a concert about doing a TF* shoot. she has a really rare youthful beauty so it will be a great shoot.

anyways, I am crushed after getting up at 5am and driving around all day.. some images tomorrow.

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