Wednesday, February 11, 2009

another landscape pic

a lot of people talk about digital photography. I dont believe the hype. not one bit.

below is a jpeg of a 4x5 scan. on my 24" imac I can blow the little train car up to fullscreen. its sharp as a tack. the depth of a transparency is incredible, especially when it comes to retouching, processing or adjustments.. the image is deep like an ocean. Digital images seem to have limits.. canon sensor images seem to be much deeper than nikon in my opinion, thats why I use canon digital exclusively.... match the canon CMOS with good glass and you are 75% to what you can get with 4x5 film.

Ive seen something similar in details with a p64 back from phase one. but at really big enlargements its all pixelated. its got a long way to go. I also love shooting large format film because it makes me pause, think and reflect.

granted, Ill never shoot 35mm film again.. its just too much of a pain in A#$

anyways, I hope y'all enjoyed todays blog post

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