Sunday, June 28, 2009

Instant film, polaroid. one of my most very favorite things

I just love the smell of it I guess. the other day I went snapping with 2 packs of FP-100C and this is what I got:
I did a little post process and added a little vignette.. lovely right? I havent shot like this in a long time, just walking around and trying to enjoy it. makes me want to shoot some 8x10 polaroids, which I think I am going to do very soon. all of signs/buildings in salt lake city. I'm thinking about an exhibition of the originals as one of a kinds for 2000$ each.

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  1. There is some seriously fine photography here. I am glad I bumped into you. I am also a fan of the Polaroid with the intense waiting as the image appears. Oh, and thanks for the advice today.