Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Review Santa fe

Just back from Review Santa Fe. What an incredible experience with a lot of incredible photographers. I was a volunteer, which meant I was able to meet a lot of the reviewers face to face, as well as the photographers and get some reviews. Most of all, it was inspiring to see the work at the top end of fine art photography world, meet some important gallerists and critics. I feel it gave me a lot of insight into a world I know nothing about but have been fascinated with since I was a young man. It really helped me pull back from my current work and take some perspective.. Last on my way home I sat with rob haggart from for a few hours as well..

Couple of the highlights for me:

Curtis Wehrfritz: fantastic daguerrotypes

claire beckett's series on iraqi training camps in the USA. beautifully shot and very poignant work for our time:

S. Billie Mandile incredible work documenting catholic confessionals. really amazing work on many different levels

Kerry Mansfield again a fantastic body of work, beautifully presented and executed.

Ben Lowy great work from iraq.. inspiring, I tried not to like it and failed.

Damion Berger I really enjoyed his RSVP series.. classic photography

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